5 Of The Cringiest Moments On First Dates Ireland

The times that made you cover your face in horror

5 Of The Cringiest Moments On First Dates Ireland

Going on dates can be a nerve-wracking experience. You might spill something on yourself or end up getting drunk and saying something stupid.

Luckily for most of us, the whole nation doesn't get to see these embarrassments. However for those brave enough to have themselves filmed on First Dates Ireland, may end up experiencing the fear for a while.

Here's some of the moments from the show so far that made us go...

1. Kayleigh & Ian

This one was a car crash from start to finish really. Poor Ian kept forgetting Kayleigh's name, which definitely didn't make her happy.

"If you don't remember my name, I'm gonna take the rest of this pudding".

We don't think it's a surprise these two didn't become a couple.

2. Kari & Camille

This one did not get off to a great start. We'd hoped for love for these two, but unfortunately it went in the opposite direction.


Upon finding out Kari was a vegan, Camille tried to be sensitive by saying all the vegan-friendly products she owns, but finished it with "but I still eat meat".

His reaction though, plus the fact he revealed 'I'm a total asshole about it'. Ouch.

To add insult to injury, the meal paying portion of the evening had us squirming. While there is nothing wrong with going dutch, the awkwardness involved with the whole 'I'll pay by card, give me the cash' fiasco never goes down well.

3. Dawn & Alannah-Rose

This one was probably one of the worst from the outset. As Dawn began with talking about star signs, noting that her mam and Alannah-Rose have the same birthday things got bad.

A-H: Please don't say I remind you of your mother.

D: No, definitely not. My mother is like..she's beautiful. Not saying that you're not!

Foot. Mouth. Alannah-Rose's reaction says it all.


4. Laura & Adam

Small talk at the bar can sometimes make or break a first date. Introductions are hard to get wrong at these early stages. 'What's your name? Where are you from?' Simple enough.

Not for poor Adam when he met Cork girl Laura.

A: I knew it [Cork] was a country accent, I just didn't know where from.

L: Oh my god, a country accent?! [...] Cork's the real capital, it's bigger than Dublin

There was enough awkward silence to fill an entire room and safe to say, Laura was not pleased with apparently having a 'country accent'.

5. Kirk & Carolyn

This one would have you almost switching the channel, you could feel the cringe radiating from the screen.


Carolyn berated Kirk for going to the bathroom during dinner, something to which Kirk seemed confused by (as we all kinda did).

Then during the 'question' at the end, Carolyn looks like she's trying to kill Kirk with her eyes when he says he had a good time.

Even Al Porter is cringing watching it back...

First Dates Ireland is on at 9.30pm on Thursday nights on RTE 2.

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