Don't Fall For The WhatsApp Scam

Be careful with this one...

Don't Fall For The WhatsApp Scam

Calling all Whatsapp users (literally everyone).

Lovers of the famous app have been warned not to click into a new spam message which gives you the option to "customise" the app.

The message which reads, "New colours for WhatsApp, now you can change your WhatsApp and leave it your favourite colours," - Lies, all lies.

This message asks you to "activate now" and share with 12 friends so they can activate it too.


Do not, we repeat do not do this as it will not only give you viruses, but will also give your 12 friends viruses too.

WhatsApp suggests users to completely ignore these messages that instruct you to forward the message on.

A statement from the company said, "We always advise you to block the sender, disregard the message and delete it."

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