2fm stars brand Nicky Byrne's Eurovision song boycott as 'petty'

The Dubliner's colleagues are behind him for the song contest

2fm stars have bashed the reported refusal of rival radio stations to play Nicky Byrne's Eurovision song.

Station boss Dan Healy previously admitted he was told that the under-rotation of Nicky's track Sunlight was due his position as a 2fm presenter.

Speaking about the alleged refusal, RTE radio host Chris Greene, who presents the station's late night show with co-host Ciara King, said it was "petty".


Support: 2fm stars are behind Nicky for his Eurovision bid | ANDRES POVEDA

"I think it shows an insecurity. Who cares, just play the song. Do you think its going to have that much of an impact on your business? It is very petty and very childish," Chris told The Herald.

"We should all be supporting Nicky as our Irish representative," added co-host Ciara King.


While Lottie Ryan, who contributes on The Nicky Byrne Show, admitted everyone should be supporting Nicky's Eurovision bid.

Nicky Byrne for Eurovision 2016

Eurovision: Nicky's 2fm colleagues are supporting him for this year's Eurovision  | VIPIRELAND.COM

"Of course it should be (played). It's our Eurovision song and we should be supporting him. And wouldn't it be fab if we did well," she said.

Former Westlife star Nicky previously admitted to Goss.ie he's not sure if Ireland can win the Eurovision again.

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