PIC: Kim Kardashian shares first selfie of 2017

The reality star has returned to social media

PIC: Kim Kardashian shares first selfie of 2017

Kim Kardashian has shared her first selfie of 2017 - and it's another family shot.

The reality star made an epic return to her social media accounts this week three months after her Paris robbery.

When she returned, she posted a short video with her family including husband Kanye West, daughter North and son Saint.

Now, Kim has delighted fans again and shared a selfie with her mother Kris Jenner on her Snapchat.


Selfie: Kim shared a selfie with her mum Kris| SNAPCHAT

"First selfie of 2017," she wrote on the sweet snap.

Since her return Kim has become quite active on all her accounts including Twitter, where she admitted to her fans that she missed them.

The first photo the mother-of-two shared on her Snapchat was a photo of her legs with a simple caption, "Torn."



Torn: The star's first photo shared on Snapchat was her wearing a pair of ripped jeans | SNAPCHAT

Compared to her usual activity on social media before her robbery, Kim is a lot quieter than before.

However, given her long time away from the spotlight, the outburst of posts and comments on her various social media has delighted fans.



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