WATCH: Anna Faris shares GAS dating advice

The actress reveals what kind of people you shouldn't date

WATCH: Anna Faris shares GAS dating advice

Anna Faris has shared her gas dating advice - and advises people not to listen to it.

However, she must know something about romance as she's bagged one of Hollywood's hottest celebrities Chris Pratt - the funny guy from Parks And Recreation who then whipped himself into shape for Guardians Of The Galaxy.

"It's probably a book no one should read because I know nothing," she said.

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Dating life: Anna says don't date magicians because they're full of secrets | TBS

The actress lists what she talks about in her new book about the dating world, such like you shouldn't date men who are sport stars, chefs and magicians - even though her hubby Chris has some smooth tricks up his sleeve.


"There's a chapter on, like 'Threesomes seem like a great idea right?' and then list my thoughts about threesomes - which I don't actually think are a great idea," she told Conon O'Brien on his CBS show.

However, the one guy Anna admitted people should date "is a woodworking man - a guy who knows how to make specifically canoes."

Watch the hilarious interview below:

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