WATCH: Ellen Degeneres' tribute to the Obamas is emotional

This will restore your faith in humanity

WATCH: Ellen Degeneres' tribute to the Obamas is emotional

Ellen Degeneres has created a tribute to the Obamas - and it's very emotional.

Barack Obama will leave the Oval Office for the last time in Washington DC. as Donald Trump takes over and becomes the next President of the United States.

"His courage and compassion created equality for everyone - he moved us forward and made more happen in the past eight years than I ever dreamed possible," she began.

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Tribute: Ellen created a collage of video clips to pay homage to the Obamas | NBC

"I love him, I love Michelle, here's a little bit of time we spent together of the eight years."


With many around the world shocked by this choice, the actress took clips from her show to make a touching video collage of her time with Barack and his wife Michelle on her show - including their dog Bo.

Ellen included many fun moments she had on the show with the Obamas but she also included Barack's powerful moments including when he legalised gay marraige.

Watch the full tribute below:

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