Zayn Malik teams up with luxury shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti

The singer has released a line of shoes

Zayn Malik teams up with luxury shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti

Zayn Malik has teamed up with luxury shoe designer Guiseppe Zanotti to release an exclusive footwear collection.

The collection, entitled Guiseppe for Zayn, features two boot styles and two sneaker styles.

Zayn and Zanotti first met at Paris Fashion Week in 2015, and quickly bonded over their love of fashion and individuality.

"When I saw him, I said to myself: ‘He is a cool guy and the epitome of a modern rebel," Mr Zanotti told Vogue.


"[Zayn and I] have always had an appreciation for one another, but it was during our first encounter in Paris that we realised we had a similar attitude and approach: iconic, edgy, and expressive. Zayn’s bold and individualistic vision, easy coolness, and love for fashion mean a lot to me."

Speaking about creating the collection, Zayn admitted that he likes things that are "a bit dark and weird".

"When Mr. Zanotti and I first met at Paris Fashion Week last year we realised that even though what we each do, music and shoe design, could be seen as worlds apart, we had a lot in common in how we approach and style them. I like things which are a bit dark and weird, and Mr. Zanotti isn’t afraid to play with those elements either. The process of designing my collection has been really fun as a result!


#GIUSEPPExZAYN 28 JAN (usa + europe)

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"I wanted to mix up the iconic rock ’n’ roll styles like boots, which are quite hard, with organic colors. I think the mix makes them feel quite classic.

"I’m always sketching down ideas and designs. I draw and paint a lot, so when it came to the shoes, I think that the ideas were already in my mind, somewhere. It was just a matter of putting them together. I take influence from everything I see, and I think when you look at all of the things I make from music, my merchandise, and these shoes that they all have a darker aesthetic.


"For me fashion and style is very personal and rather than following trends I like to mix a few timeless pieces with whatever makes me feel good!" he added.

The Guiseppe for Zayn collection is set for release on January 28, in both Europe and the US.

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