MAJOR unreleased Disney film being held at ransom by hackers

Disney are the hackers latest victim

MAJOR unreleased Disney film being held at ransom by hackers

A major upcoming Disney film is being held at ransom by hackers, according to Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger.

The hackers have claimed that they will release the film unless their demands are met.

Although Bob did not disclose the name of the film, he said that Disney would refuse to pay the ransom - and revealed that they are currently working with federal investigators.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, said film could be the next Pirates of the Caribbean instalment, which is set for release on Friday, or Cars 3.

Trouble: The film being held by hackers could be the next Pirates of the Caribbean | DISNEY

The hackers are requesting a 'huge sum' of money, to be paid in Bitcoin, and have threatened to release the film online bit by bit until they receive the ransom money.

The news comes after Netflix bosses were left in a panic, as hackers released the brand new season of Orange Is The New Black online six weeks before it's official release date, after they refused to pay an undisclosed sum of money.

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