WATCH: New Pirates of the Caribbean 5 trailer features a MAJOR spoiler

We can't believe they revealed this!

WATCH: New Pirates of the Caribbean 5 trailer features a MAJOR spoiler

A new international trailer for Johnny Depp's Pirates of the Caribbean 5 has been released - and it includes one very big spoiler.

The Japanese clip was released on Tuesday, and it confirms that Keira Knightley is reprising her role as Elizabeth Swann.

There had been many rumours that her character would be backĀ for the fifth instalment in the franchise after Orlando Bloom signed on to return as Will Turner, but she has not been included in any promotional posters or footage until now.

The new international trailer shows just a splitĀ second of Keira standing in a field, giving no clues as to how much she will appear in the movie, but confirming that she is definitely returning.

The actress's last appearance in the saga was in third film At World's End in 2007, with both Keira and Orlando skipping the fourth movie On Stranger Tides.


TooFab previously claimed that Keira will feature only in a cameo role in a post-credits scene that sets up the sixth movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean 5, out May 26th, is titled Dead Men Tell No Tales in the US and Japan and Salazar's Revenge in other countries.

Watch the new international trailer below:

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