LISTEN: Liam Payne slams One Direction in debut single

Strip That Down was released today - and people are NOT happy with the lyrics

LISTEN: Liam Payne slams One Direction in debut single

Liam Payne slams One Direction in his debut single, Strip That Down.

In the track, the singer says, "You know, I used to be in 1D. Now I'm out and free."

Fans are not very happy with Liam, as these lyrics make it sound like he was trapped in the much-loved band

Lyrically, the song is surprisingly simple and straightforward, and it relies very heavily on pop themes like letting loose at the club and drinking Coke and Bacardi.

Slam: The singer slammed his former bandmates in his debut single | INSTAGRAM

Reviews have already been pouring in for the brand new track, and it doesn't look good for Liam so far.

A review from Forbes says, "The track is built on top of an incredibly basic hip-hop beat that immediately sounds out of place coming from Liam Payne.

"The track attempts a swag that Payne can't pull off, and even songwriters Steve Mac and Ed Sheeran couldn't make this work. Though if Sheeran had tried, it may have played differently."

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