Louis Walsh wants Johnny Logan to write this year's Eurovision entry

Could he be on to a winner?

Louis Walsh wants Johnny Logan to write this year's Eurovision entry

Louis Walsh is hoping to persuade Eurovision king Johnny Logan to write this year's entry song for Ireland.

The X Factor judge is bringing former Hometown member Brendan Murray to the Eurovision, and while he went on the Late Late Show to call out for aspiring songwriters, Louis has now said he wants Johnny Logan for the job.

"I would love if Johnny Logan would write a song for us, that would be great," he admitted.

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"He knows the formula and what works - there's nobody out there better than him who knows how to win.

"If he doesn't I will get one from England from a great songwriter. I'm confident about that," he told the Irish Mail On Sunday.


"I'm going to start in January looking for a song - and I will get that," he added.


Hope: Louis is bringing Brendan to the Eurovision 

"RTÉ needs us to qualify this year because they have sent the wrong people in the past.

This year's Eurovision will take place in the Ukrainian capital Kiev in May.

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