REVIEWED: You'll rock your socks off to the debut album from Harry Styles

"This will definitely be one of the biggest albums of our generation..."

REVIEWED: You'll rock your socks off to the debut album from Harry Styles

Harry Styles has finally dropped his highly-anticipated album, and it's everything we hoped it would be.

After releasing Sign Of The Times, fans were quick to see that the One Direction star was about to go down a completely different route - with clear influences from Bowie.

Now that we've heard the entire album from start to finish, can officially give the album the full thumbs up.

The self-entitled album is perfect mix of Rolling Stones styled songs to rock your socks off to, sweet ballads you could easily fall asleep too, as well as complex lyrics you won't want to miss.


Let's start off with Two Ghosts - it's the song everyone has been talking about, because it's clearly about his relationship with ex Taylor Swift.

With lyrics like "Same lips red, same eyes blue, Same white shirt, couple more tattoos, But it's not you and it's not me, Tastes so sweet, looks so real, Sounds like something that I used to feel, But I can't touch what I see."

It's not our favourite track on the album but you'll get lost in the lyrics and with a sweet melody, this is definitely one we will see in the charts.

Our stand out song from the entire album is Only Angel. With strong influences from Queen and Rolling Stones, for us this song encompasses what Harry's solo sound is all about.


This song would easily fit into the early 80s music scene, even though it's original all on it's own, it's a perfect throwback to the rock tracks we grew up listening to.

Stand out: Only Angel will be a huge hit | WENN.COM

If you're liking this vibe jump to Kiwi, which has some odd lyrics in there like "I'm having your baby, it's none of your business" and describes a "crazy" woman whose "nose is blocked up".


The first track on the album, Carolina, many thought was written about Harry's first celebrity flame Caroline Flack, is another cracker. And has lyrics like "she's such a good girl...she feels so good". You'll feel good listening to this track too...

Then if you want to run a bath, light some candles and get cosy, switch over to From The Dining Table. It's a bit melancholic with lyrics like "maybe one day you'll call me and say sorry too". But it's more relaxing than depressing.

Overall, it's a full five stars from us. We couldn't have imagined anything more perfectly mixed and varied than this.

This will definitely be one of the biggest albums of our generation...

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