7 Things You'll Definitely See/Hear At Ed Sheeran's Irish Gig

The red-haired singer has landed in Ireland

7 Things You'll Definitely See/Hear At Ed Sheeran's Irish Gig

Ed Sheeran has officially landed in Ireland ahead of his sold-out gigs in Dublin's 3Arena this week.

While many flocked to Salthill in Galway yesterday, where the singer was filming his music video for Galway Girl, others are preparing for his concert in the 3Arena on Wednesday and Thursday night.

It's pretty clear at this stage that Irish people have a slight obsession with the red-haired musician, so tonight and tomorrow's gigs are sure to get VERY loud.

So, ahead of Ed's sold-out shows, we've listed some of things that you'll definitely see/overhear at the 3Arena over the next two nights.

Irish flags, Irish flags everywhere... 

We've already mentioned that Ireland has a slight obsession with Ed Sheeran, but when it comes to a concert - Irish people take it to the NEXT LEVEL.

Draping an Irish flag across every inch of their body, and screeching Galway Girl at the top of their lungs, Irish fans know how to blow the roof off an amphitheatre.

Ed's definitely in for a treat tonight...

"Ya know I'm actually related to Ed Sheeran"

Ahh, the classic "I'm actually related to.." line.


While Ed definitely has an Irish background (his grandparents live in Wexford), we doubt every girl from Lucan's twice removed cousin is ACTUALLY Ed's uncle.

But, Ireland is a small country so you never know.

"Ah lads, he must get all the women" 

You will more than likely hear some chap from Waterford discuss how Ed must "get all the women" due to his musical talents.

Don't get us wrong, Damien from Waterford is probably right, but let's not assume every girl on earth wants to shift Ed Sheeran.

Sure we'd love a selfie, but that doesn't necessarily mean we want to be his Galway Girl...

Someone filming an actual concert film on their Snapchat story 

Ok, so this applies for basically all concerts, but we're sure most people at Ed's gig tonight will want EVERYONE to know that they're there (and "living the dream").

We can almost guarantee the 3Arena will be filled with extended phone-holding arms, and that's totally fine - but just make sure you actually enjoy the concert in real life, yeah?


"Ok, let's go get pints, but if we miss Galway Girl I'll lose the head"

Galway Girl will definitely be the pinnacle of Ed's Irish gigs.

There's no better way to win over the Irish than singing a song about a Galway Girl (just ask Mundy), so there's no denying that the crowd will go apes**t when the song comes on.

"I heard he's gonna be in Coppers tonight"

This always happens when a big star comes to town.

Whispers of secret parties and gigs start to go around, and all of a sudden you've heard that Ed Sheeran has booked a private area with Niall Horan in Coppers. (Which is highly unlikely, btw)

Before you go jumping the gun, remind yourself that the chance of you meeting him, even if you're in the same area, is probably not great - so don't waste your time.

"My sister met him at a Golden Discs signing - she's definitely the Galway Girl"


Although Ed has revealed who the actual Galway Girl is, Irish people basically refuse to believe it, and are still convinced that this mysterious girl is still walking around Shop Street.

So, it's highly likely you'll overhear someone tell their mate about that time their sister "totally locked eyes" with Ed back in 2011.


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