90s girl group B*Witched announce HUGE reunion plans

The band are celebrating their 20th anniversary

90s girl group B*Witched announce HUGE reunion plans

B*Witched have announced that they will release brand new music next year, to mark their 20th anniversary.

The popular 90s group, which includes band members Lindsay Armaou, Sinead O’Carroll and sisters Keavy and Edele Lynch, have revealed some major plans for B*Witched to reunite.

"We’re gonna be what we are now musically and what we feel now," Edele told the Daily Star.

"We’re not gonna try tap into what we were because that’s nostalgia and the music industry has move on so much as we all have … we’ve updated it so we feel comfortable with it."


Although the band are set to reunite, the B*Witched girls have had their fair share of issues, especially between Edele and Sinead - but, the bandmates made amends in 2012 for ITV's The Big Reunion Show.

"We're the best of friends again now and I talk to Sinead in particular every day and I wouldn't want my life without her again."

Speaking about her fallout with Sinead previously, Edele said, "Sinead and I fell out. We fell out in 2006 and then when we got the band back together loads of other issues came up between us that we didn't necessarily understand or see, or foresee."

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