Cillian Murphy BRIBED his kids to move back to Ireland

The actor promised his children something very special

Cillian Murphy BRIBED his kids to move back to Ireland

Cilllian Murphy revealed that he promised his kids a dog when moving them from London to Ireland.

The Cork native lived in London for the past 14 years, and just recently moved back to the Emerald Isle.

The actor revealed that it was him that had reservations at the beginning about moving back to Ireland, "Initially, I was the reluctant one when it came to moving back, but I was quickly convinced."

Ireland: The actor has moved back to Ireland with his family | VIPIRELAND.COM

He continued, "Irish people are brilliant and you have to go away and come back to realise it.

"To move away in your twenties to England or America to establish yourself and find your calling, and then come home... I always thought that it was retrogressive, but now I realise that it is just natural."

The then went on to tell Observer magazine that he promised his children a dog when they moved to Dublin, "We promised [the kids] a dog, so that was fine. I am the only one that walks it, of course."

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