Dayl Cronin 'heartbroken' to leave DWTS: 'I wanted it so bad'

The boyband star was given the boot

Dayl Cronin 'heartbroken' to leave DWTS: 'I wanted it so bad'

Dayl Cronin was gutted to be the latest celebrity voted off Dancing with the Stars tonight.

Viewers were left outraged after the Hometown star was sent home, and the disappointed singer spoke to about his emotional exit and explained how heartbreaking it was as he felt that he gave it everything.

"It's heartbreaking. I'm just gutted, I wanted it so bad. Everybody there deserves a spot there. I wish them all the best for the future."

Heartbroken: Dayl Cronin gave it his all on his final performance on DWTS | Jon Barton Photography 

The singer made his way to the semi final, yet got voted off with a majority vote by the judges after his dance off against Denise McCormack.


"Denise's dance was amazing, when they went into the dance off, there must of been just a hair in it. I felt I gave my best performance out there and Denise gave hers so it's just down to the judges and that's how it goes," Dayl explained.

The Tipperary native was gutted to leave but he had made a great friend in Aidan O'Mahony and tips him to win the very first Dancing with the Stars Ireland.

"To be honest all of them are amazing and deserve it but for me personally it's Aidan because I love Aidan to pieces and I wish him all the best. Literally he's been like a brother and a best friend to me over the last five months. I couldn't ask for a better person to meet. I genuinely met a good friend."

It's not the end for Dayl Cronin as he's thinking of going into performing arts and definitely won't be hanging up his dancing shoes.

"This is only the start for me dancing wise. I love dancing anyway. Maybe not this style of dancing but maybe I'll go back to my roots, my hip-hop and backflips. I was actually going to backflip at the end but I was too tired," he added.

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