EXCLUSIVE! Des Bishop made some SHOCKING comments after DWTS exit

The comedian didn't hold back

EXCLUSIVE! Des Bishop made some SHOCKING comments after DWTS exit

Des Bishop made some shocking comments after his Dancing With The Stars exit.

Goss.ie exclusively spoke to Des following his elimination and he said, "I'm disappointed because I was enjoying it, so it's disappointing. What are you gonna do it's not about the dancing so."

When asked if he had any regrets the comedian joked, "I really wouldn't have cheated on my girlfriend of 9 years, but other than that. No, how could I have any regrets? We gave it our all."

Dancing: Des said that DTWS is 'not about the dancing' | VIPIRELAND.COM

The stand-up comic then added, "Maybe people got pissed off because I called Brian Redmond an a**hole."

Des then said that he wouldn't do another reality show, "I would only ever do this, I'm into the dancing - not really into the reality TV part of it. I hate the VT's, I hate the reality show part of it."

Goss.ie then asked DesĀ if he would come back to watch the show in later weeks, to which he answered, "C'mon man when you're done, you're done."

When reminded that ex-contestant Thalia Heffernan was back to watch the show, Des replied with, "Yeah that's cause she's bangin' Ryan," referring to Thalia's new pro dancer squeeze Ryan McShane, who is partnered with Red Rock actress Denise McCormack.

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