EXCLUSIVE! Lorraine Barry reveals why Dayl Cronin got the boot

People were outraged to see the singer leave the competition

EXCLUSIVE! Lorraine Barry reveals why Dayl Cronin got the boot

Lorraine Barry has revealed why Dayl Cronin got booted of Dancing With The Stars on Sunday night.

The Irish judge had a tough decision on her hands last night with Dayl and actress Denise McCormack in the dance off.

Unfortunately former Hometown singer Dayl got axed, and speaking to Goss.ie, Lorraine said it was a difficult call to make.

"Know one wants to see someone go home, but it has to be done," she said.


The ballroom champion added that sending the singer home was gut wrenching.

Tough: Lorraine had a difficult decision to make | RTE

"I'm very used to it, there can only be one winner and it's a job that I'm used to doing, but it's never easy, there's always that gut wrenching moment.

Revealing that it was actually the song that got Dayl sent home, Lorraine said she kept Denise in because she danced to an Irish song.

"It was the music," she explained.


"It's Irish week, it was an Irish soundtrack, an Irish singer, I thought it was such an emotional performance and two great Irish dancers"

"That's not to take away from Dayl because I thought he was a professional also, but he was phenomenal on the show" she continued.

"I've just actually gone to Dayl and said I'm so sorry and he said Loraine don't worry that's your job," she added.

Catch the final this Sunday at 6.30pm on RTE One.

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