Irish Blind Date contestants on STRICT social media ban

TV3 don't want any secrets to be spilled

Irish Blind Date contestants on STRICT social media ban

TV3 have enforced a strict social media ban for Blind Date contestants, in a bid to keep the shows a secret.

The loved-themed game show, which will be hosted by Al Porter, is set to air this October - and bosses have even warned singles not to sit together as they travel to their dates abroad.

According to the Irish Sun, they've also been warned not to check in together at their hotels, both in Ireland and abroad, in case onlookers find out that they're stars on the upcoming 12-part series.

"The singles aren't allowed to post anything from their dates on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. And to stop anyone else getting a shot of them together, they are being told to keep a distance from one another until filming starts," a source said.

Banned: Blind Date singles are on a strict social media ban | BRIAN MCEVOY

Dates have been taking place since contestants met at recordings hosted by Al in the Helix back in July.

"We do not want any of the singles posting pictures from their dates or anyone else posting pictures of them instead. One picture would ruin the surprise of who picks who at the questions stage, which is already filmed."

A spokeswoman for TV3 has also confirmed that all singles taking part in Blind Date have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

According to reports, TV3 are delighted with the footage they already have - and are confident that the series will be a huge hit with Irish viewers.

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