Joanne Larby admits she's 'considering a breast lift'

But the blogger admitted she REGRETS getting her lips done

Joanne Larby admits she's 'considering a breast lift'

Top Irish blogger Joanne Larby has admitted she's considering a breast lift.

The former plus-size model has been documenting her intense fitness and weight loss journey online, and has revealed she is considering getting plastic surgery, ahead of her debut into bikini competitions.

Joanne, who is known as The Makeup Fairy, took to Snapchat to reveal her concerns.

"I can't afford to have an exterior factor affect my prep, because when you enter a bikini competition you want to remove anything that's hindering your progress," she revealed.

"I'm currently a UK size 10 still and when I get to stage weight I'll be a size 6, which I've never been in my life."

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"I'll be very interested to see what will happen to my boobs because I know from weight training as it is when fat goes...they get a little bit saggy," she explained.


"A lot of bikini girls lose their boobs altogether and that's why they get boob jobs. Because it's all about composition and curves and having a hour glass shape but muscular.

"As of now I'm happy enough with my boobs but that's because I'm a curvy size 10 and I still have fat to lose.

"I know that the leaner I get the lower my boobs go...Unfortunately gravity is not you're friend when you're female," she added.

Boob job: Joanne is considering getting a lift | INSTAGRAM

While Joanne admitted she hasn't fully made the decision yet, the blogger said it's something she's been thinking about a lot.

"Depending on how they look when they get to the shape I need to be, I may consider a breast lift, which I'm terrified about.


"But I would guess I am going to get a lift, and if I'm bothering to get a lift I'm probably going to get a small implant to bring it back to the size that I naturally am.

"It's a big decision...I'm thinking in advance, but it's something I want to start thinking about and considering.

Loved up: Joanne's boyfriend Paul is also her personal trainer | INSTAGRAM

"It's nothing I'll be ashamed to admit because I think a lot of women would be in the same position of me," she explained.

While Joanne says she's thinking of getting work done, she said she regrets getting lip fillers, which she says she hasn't had for a year now.

"The only thing I've ever had done is lip filler and I haven't had it in over a year and I don't think I'll ever have it again," she told her followers.


"It's something that, in ways, I regret because I like being natural...but I've been thinking about boobies for a while.

"But I guess it's apart of the game, being online and talking about body image and changing your body do tend to obsess with the things that are wrong with you," she explained.

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