Maia Dunphy praises Lucy Kennedy

The pair are close friends

Maia Dunphy praises Lucy Kennedy

Maia Dunphy has praised her close pal Lucy Kennedy.

The presenter admitted that the TV3 star is part of her "girl gang" and they often enjoy holidays away together.

"No matter how close you are to your partner or your husband, you need people who have gone through the same thing," she said.

"Women are a great support to other women."

Gal pals: Maia said that Lucy's daughter Jess is gorgeous | JULIAN BEHAL

Maia revealed that she has met Lucy's youngest daughter Jess, who she welcomed in December 2016.

"I met Lucy's baby and she’s gorgeous. Lucy is in my little girl gang and we go away every few months," she told VIP Magazine at the launch of Diet Coke's Get the Gang Back Together campaign.

"She's fabulous. Lucy doesn’t pull any punches. She will tell you exactly, maybe in too much detail, just how things are."


Girl gang: The presenter thinks women are much nicer to woman than people think | BRIAN MCEVOY

Maia also praised her other girl friends and the support they've given her.

"The kind of support that I've had over the past few years from female friends has been so valuable.


"Sometimes's it's portrayed that women are bitchy and like to drag women down, I've never noticed that.

"I'm trying to think and over my life, of who's made me feel worse when I feel bad - nine times out of ten it's probably a man who has made me feel that way rather than a woman.

"I think women are much nicer to women than some people would have us believe," she added.

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