Rob Kearney reveals why he's NOT living with his girlfriend Jess Redden

The couple have been dating since 2014

Rob Kearney reveals why he's NOT living with his girlfriend Jess Redden

Rob Kearney has revealed why he's not living with his girlfriend Jess Redden.

Although the pair are very serious, and have been dating since 2014 - the Irish rugby star has admitted that he and Jess have "no plans" to move in together.

Aside from that, Rob is still enjoying living with his brother Dave, who he describes as "unbelievably chilled".

"We are not living together. There are no plans at the moment to live together. I am living with my brother Dave," he told RSVP Magazine.

Not yet: Rob and Jess have no plans to move in together | INSTAGRAM

"We have been living together for five years. He is unbelievably chilled and he is very easy to live with.”

Speaking about his love life, Rob also revealed that he doesn't feel under pressure being with his girlfriend in the public eye.

"I am a rugby player – a sports person – and that’s the only reason we may be in the media. I would never say anything outside of that," he said.

The Leinster player, who is currently nursing an injury, also spoke about retirement - and what he would once he hung up his rugby boots for good.

No pressure: Rob doesn't feel under pressure being with his girlfriend in the public eye | INSTAGRAM

"I am not getting any younger. I like to think I have another three or four seasons left to play. You can pick up an injury and you might not get to play again.

"It is always something to think about but, hopefully, it is not in the too-near future," he continued.

"The world of punditry is exciting. I would like to stay in rugby in some capacity but you see a lot former players going out in the punditry world and they have to give opinions on guys they played with.

"That would potentially be a sticky point. You play with guys for so long and build up great relationships and it only takes one or two comments in the press to undo all the good years you had and all those moments in the changing room together," he added.


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