Robert Sheehan on Ruth Negga: 'She's brilliant'

The pair starred on RTE's Love/Hate together

Robert Sheehan on Ruth Negga: 'She's brilliant'

Robert Sheehan has gushed about Ruth Negga.

The actor starred in RTE show Love/Hate with the Oscar nominee, where they played each other's love interests.

"We hadn't spoken in a while but we were chatting the other day a bit," he said before admitting he e-mailed her after her heard about her Academy Award nomination.

Magnificent: Robert gushed about Ruth's Oscar nomination | RTE


The pair developed a strong friendship on the show and both moved to L.A. to pursue their individual career goals.

"How fantastic is that? I actually watched the movie the other night and she just broke my heart in two in the film," he told Today FM's Ian Dempsey.

"She's magnificent, she's brilliant."