Rosie Connolly calls out journalist for 'skinny-shaming' her

"I am absolutely disgusted"

Rosie Connolly calls out journalist for 'skinny-shaming' her

Rosie Connolly has called out a journalist for "skinny-shaming" her.

The top beauty blogger took to Snapchat to get something off her chest that had really "p**sed" her off.

The Aluxe founder began by saying that she usually isn't phased by anything she reads online.

"I'm not usually phased by things I read online but somebody sent me an article that was written on skinny-shaming."

Skinny-Shaming: Rosie stood up to an article that used her photo | VIPIRELAND.COM

The mother-of-one continued, "Let me get this right, it was about skinny women in the public eye being bad role models to young women.


"For the article they decided to publish a photograph from my Instagram of me, half the page big.

"I am absolutely disgusted that I've been used to promote this article. I'm pretty sure if I was overweight, this wouldn't be the case because it wouldn't happen.

"This 'journalist' doesn't know me, and doesn't know my story. I could well have issues with my own body weight."

Unfair: The beauty blogger doesn't believe it's fair that the publication used her photo | VIPIRELAND.COM

Rosie then spoke about how it's not OK to write about somebody's weight, no matter what size they are.


"I could have issues behind closed doors about putting on weight and not being able to - she doesn't know that.

"I think it's absolutely disgraceful that she thinks it's ok to pick on me because I'm, in her words, skinny.

"It doesn't matter if someone in your opinion is skinny, overweight, perfect weight, whatever it is - it's not your position to comment. And it's certainly not your right to print a photograph of somebody to shame them like that."

Disgusted: The blogger is speaking out | BRIAN MCEVOY

She then personally addresses the author of her "skinny-shaming" article, "I honestly hope that the young children, young girls, growing up around you are not ashamed of their body whether it's overweight or slim.


"I'm genuinely disgusted. I'm not personally upset, I'm just disgusted that we're still shaming women for their body size.

"I just wish we as a society were over shaming women for their body size, regardless of what that is."

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