Spencer Matthews gushes about Vogue Williams

The presenter and reality star grew close

Spencer Matthews gushes about Vogue Williams

Spencer Matthews has gushed about Vogue Williams since leaving The Jump.

The pair grew close while training for the show and developed a strong friendship - but not long before the show's first episode aired, the Dubliner suffered a an injury.

"Vogue's a lovely girl, she's a very good friend and I think we'll be friends forever," he said.

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When asked about romance on the show, Spencer said that he'd be happy if love would fall into his lap.

"This isn't Made in Chelsea. I'd rather talk about The Jump," he told New Magazine.

"If love were to fall into my lap, then I would be all over it. I think any human being would always welcome love.

"But I don't think that's why I came here."

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