Thalia Heffernan opens up on body image: 'I'm still heavily insecure'

The model has been in the modelling industry for over 6 years

Thalia Heffernan opens up on body image: 'I'm still heavily insecure'

Thalia Heffernan has opened up on body image and admitted that she's still heavily insecure.

The Dubliner shared before a powerful message about body positivity when photos from the Victoria's Secret show this year emerged online.

Having started her modelling career when she was 15 years old, the now 21-year-old has gone on to become one of Ireland's most successful models.

"I'm only human. No one feels great all the time. I see pictures of gorgeous people on social media and I start hating myself," she said.

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Insecurity: Thalia admitted that she is still heavily insecure | VIPIRELAND.COM

The model revealed that she's still insecure but only know is she confident enough to talk about it.


"I've had massive problems with insecurity. I'm still heavily insecure," she told VIP Magazine.

"I'm only confident enough now to speak about it, but by no means am I healed. I don't think anyone ever heals from those kinds of wounds."

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Model: The Dubliner revealed she has "wounds" from the industry | VIPIRELAND.COM

When asked what kind of "wounds" she meant, Thalia explained that there is truth to the horror stories told about the modelling world.

"Well think about it - a 15-year-old going into modelling and travelling alone," she said.


"A lot of the horror stories about young models are dramatised, but there is truth to them.

"But I don't like or want pity. So I don't talk about it. However, I do have the platform to say that I don't feel perfect."

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Future plans: Thalia admitted she wouldn't let her daughter start modelling as young as she did | VIPIRELAND.COM

When asked if she would let her future daughter dive into the modelling world, Thalia admitted that question keeps her up at night and she finds it difficult to find a line between hypocrisy and how she feels.

"Also, there's a fine line between letting a child learn from their own mistakes, and having the wisdom to know what is right for them, and laying down the law on it.


"I'm glad I was allowed model, because it helped make me the person I am today. But right now I don't think I'd let my own little girl do it. Maybe when she was older.

"I know how badly it affected me in the past, and how I've lived through things I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy," she added.

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