There's a VERY Irish song title on Ed Sheeran's new album

One of the songs is based on a county in the West

There's a VERY Irish song title on Ed Sheeran's new album

Ed Sheeran has released the official song titles from his new album on his social media accounts.

Ed previously revealed that two of the songs on his album were written about Irish counties, Galway and Wexford.

One of the songs on his latest album, Divide, is called Galway Girl.

He revealed that the song about Wexford will be on the bonus album, so it is probably not on this list.

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He told 2FM, "There's a song on the bonus album that's about Co. Wexford so there's two Irish jams on there both with full trad."

He also told spoke about the Galway Girl song, "I've got a trad band called Beoga.

"They're actually from Belfast, but they've – it's a fiddle, a pipe, a bodhrán and piano. And we really jam.

"It's going to be good. I do think I'll never be able to play another song in Ireland again because this will be the song."

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