Tommy Tiernan hits out at RTÉ

The comedian isn't happy with guest booking

Tommy Tiernan hits out at RTÉ

Tommy Tiernan has hit out at RTÉ for their choice of guests on the station's shows.

The comedian hosts his own show with the national broadcaster, where he has no idea who he is interviewing until they are sat in front of him.

The actor admitted that he thinks RTÉ should "cast their net wider" when picking guests for shows.

Canteen guests: Tommy interviewed RTÉ star Ray D'Arcy on his show | RTÉ

Tommy said that they should stay clear of those wanting to sell something and also those affiliated with RTÉ shows where possible.


The Navan native told Hot Press, "I suppose it happens a good bit on the BBC and on Channel 4 as well.

"It's a small pool here - you probably couldn't do a chat show without anybody from RTE on it.

"I think the trap we've maybe got ourselves into is only interviewing people who've something to sell.

"And maybe the net should be cast a little wider. Look for interesting people rather than people who are selling something."

The popular comedian also admitted he would like to do another season of The Tommy Tiernan Show - when asked he said "I hope so."

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