TV3 star to pose nude before landmark birthday

The broadcaster is planning to complete an elaborate a bucket list

TV3 star to pose nude before landmark birthday

TV3's Elaine Crowley has revealed that she hopes to pose nude as part of an elaborate bucket-list before turning 40 later this summer.

The TV presenter has admitted that she felt unenthusiastic about turning 30, but has now decided to embrace turning 40 this August.

"I’m trying to bucket list as much as I can," Elaine revealed.

Elaine stuns on the red carpet of the 10th Aunnual IFTA Awards |VIPIRELAND

"It’s a scary number. It feels like yesterday I was 30 and I had a massive meltdown then.

"I want to get a tattoo and a piercing and I want to pose in the nip for a nice tasteful shoot. There’s all these things you should be when you’re a grown-up. Whatever about being a grown-up when you’re 30, you have to be one at 40," she told the Herald.

Another item on the bucket list for Elaine is getting a tattoo. The Midday presenter has revealed that she is getting a tattoo to keep a promise to friend , author Emma Hannigan who is battling cancer.

"When she’s done her chemo, herself and myself are getting tattoos because I promised her I would," the newsreader continued. “I’m possibly going to get a tattoo of a unicorn or an elephant.”

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