Twink's €1.2 million home is up for sale

The panto queen bought the home in 1989 and had to totally restore the 18th century mansion

Twink's €1.2 million home is up for sale

Adele King, popularly known as Twink, has lost her three-year battle to hold onto her €1.2million home as it goes up for sale.

The actress worked tirelessly to hold onto her Idrone House, a 18th century Georgian mansion at Idrone Avenue in Knocklyon in Dublin 16.

"It breaks my heart. This was my dream home of more than 20 years. I fought tooth and nail to hold on to it, I really did," she said.

Chloe Agnew at the National Concert Hall

Home: Adele lived with her family in the house for over 20 years | VIPIRELAND.COM

Twink and her husband David Agnew bought the home in 1989 after she had lusted over the house for many years.


"But now I have to accept the fact that it's being sold," she told the Irish Independent about loosing her home.

"I still find myself breaking down and crying at having to leave. I have actually been looking around at other houses - I haven't decided yet where we're going - and the funny thing is that many vendors have talked to me and told me that they're selling for the exact same reason I am," she told the Irish Independent.

"I admired that house all my life. I'm a real Rathfarnham girl and as a little girl I passed by that house - then in run-down condition - and said to myself: 'I'd love to own it and do it up.'"



Restoration: Adele compared the original house's floorboards to soggy biscuits | SHERRY FITZGERALD

The panto queen spent an excessive amount of money to restore the dishevelled home - and so ended up with a hefty loan that she has been burdened with to this day.

"I knew the owner and immediately went down to talk to him. We believed it would be a 'paint and paper' job and that was all. It was only later after buying it that we realised our surveyor had let us down," she continued.

"In some places they didn't even connect to the walls. The house was deemed to too dangerous to live in. We ended up moving out and stripping it right back to the shell and starting all over again. The outlay was huge and we ended up spending a million on the place. We took the restoration really seriously.


Bigger job: The actress thought that the house wouldn't be such a big project to restore | SHERRY FITZGERALD

"I researched plasterwork and finishes of the period. I became the 'foreman' on the work which took more than a year before we could move back into it.

"The first was a very expensive divorce that knocked me financially. The second was a really bad fall I had four years ago. As a result of the injuries and the pain I had to give up my stage career. I just couldn't do three nights in a row of dancing, catching canes and hats and all that stuff. So my income took a dive."

Adele has since turned to running a high end baking business as a living.

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