Jedward and Calum Best teaming up to 'fix' Celebrity Big Brother

The three Irish lads met back in 2011

Jedward and Calum Best teaming up to 'fix' Celebrity Big Brother

Jedward and Calum Best are teaming up in order to fix Celebrity Big Brother, it has been reported.

The Irish contestants know each other from meeting at a Jack And The Beanstalk panto in Dublin back in 2011.

They met again at Tramore Racecourse in 2012 where the twins performed at a music festival and Calum was hosting.


Fix: Jedward and Calum reportedly have a secret pact | VIPIRELAND.COM

A source told the Daily Star, "Neither has made mention of the fact they know one another in the outside world.

"They barely seem to connect. Yet there is a link that they are clearly keeping quiet about. Let's see if their little plan works."

Because there has been no mention of them knowing each other, there is a rumour that they have a pact not to nominate one another during their time in the house.

They have also agreed to not fight or cause trouble with each other, therefore avoiding nominations from other housemates.

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