EXCLUSIVE! Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini reveals all about his VIP Cannes restaurant

We spoke to the French restaurateur

EXCLUSIVE! Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini reveals all about his VIP Cannes restaurant

Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini has revealed his plans to open more restaurants around the world.

He's constantly hitting the headlines for all things Cheryl related, but her ex-husband is quickly making a mark for himself as a leading restaurateur.

The French business man has opened his new restaurant Versini at the Cannes Film Festival, and revealed plans to bring his venture all around the world.

Speaking exclusively to Goss.ie, JB said he decided to create a venue for more "select" customers.


New venture: JB spoke exclusively to Goss.ie about his plans

"We're expecting lots of people to come this year, we hope it's going to be an amazing festival," he told Goss.ie.


"This is a new venture. I've done 10 years of the film festival, but this year is my first year with Versini, which is a totally different concept.

"We've partnered with Grey Goose, and we've amazing mixologists so we've got amazing cocktails.

"We're catering to more select people,it's more exclusive, so we're still close to the Palais de Festivals but we're hidden away too," he explained.


Last year stars like Pamela Anderson were spotted in his pop up Cosy Box, and this year we're expecting even more VIPs.

Jean Bernard added that he will be bringing his new venture to new cities, including plans for his highly anticipated venue in London.

"We'll be in London hopefully the end of this year, and we'll be opening more restaurants in other cities, like New York.

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