This is the most streamed show of 2016

The most streamed show was watched over 23 million times

This is the most streamed show of 2016

The most streamed show of 2016 is Netflix's Orange Is The New Black.

The steaming site's original show aired the entire fourth season on April 15th, 2016 and was streamed over 23 million times over the first 35 days of it's release

The prison drama was one of Netflix's first original shows and was a massive hit among fans from the first season.


Winner: Orange Is The New Black is the most streamed show | NETFLIX

Another Netflix original series was the second most streamed show - Wiona Ryder's Stranger Things.

The spooky show was streamed 21 millions times over the first 35 days of it's release, according to SymphonyAM.

Following in third place was Fuller House, also produced by Netflix, which was a follow-up series to the original Full House which aired on ABC in the late 80s to early 90s.

The fourth most streamed show was Netflix's first original show House Of Cards which was watched online 21.5 million times.



Stranger Things: The sci-fi thriller was the second most popular show to stream | NETFLIX

21 of the top 25 most popular original streaming shows aired on Netflix while Amazing and Hulu both had two shows each on the list.

However, Amazon's The Grand Tour nor Netflix's Gilmore Girls made the it onto the list as SymphonyAM told Newsweek they couldn't collect 'stable' enough figures from its opening 35 days at the time of publication


"Netflix ruled the streaming original roost during 2016, and despite some notable moves by Amazon later in the year, it appears that Netflix’s leadership will continue into 2017," SymphonyAM CEO Charles Buchwalter.

None of the mentioned streaming services have confirmed the viewing figures collected by SymphonyAM.

2016s top 25 most-streamed shows according to SymphonyAM

  • Orange Is the New Black (season four) – 23 million viewers
  • Stranger Things – 21.7m
  • Fuller House – 21.5m
  • Marvel's Luke Cage – 12.1m
  • Marvel's Daredevil (season two) – 11.6m
  • House of Cards (season four) – 8.8m
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (season two) – 8.4m
  • The Ranch – 5.8m
  • 11.22.63 – 5.3m
  • Amanda Knox – 4.96m
  • The Get Down – 4.91m
  • Gracie and Frankie (season two) – 4.5m
  • Love – 4m
  • Narcos (season two) – 3.8m
  • Black Mirror (season three) – 3.7m
  • The Crown – 3.5m
  • Bloodline (season two) – 3.3m
  • Longmire (season five) – 3.2m
  • Chelsea Does – 2.7m
  • The Path – 2.06m
  • Flaked – 2.04m
  • Bojack Horseman (season three) – 2m
  • Marco Polo (season two) – 1.9m
  • Goliath -1.8m
  • Bosch (season two) – 1.6m

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