Celebrity Big Brother's Brandon Block rushed to hospital

The scenes were never aired on the reality show

Celebrity Big Brother's Brandon Block rushed to hospital

Celebrity Big Brother's Brandon Block was reportedly rushed to hospital with serious medical concerns - but the scene were never shown on TV.

On January 5th, the DJ supposedly left the house to receive emergency treatment after on-site medics were unable to diagnose the issues.

"Brandon wasn't well at all. It was pretty serious," a source said.


Hospital: No scenes of Brandon receiving medical help was aired on CBB | CHANNEL 5

There was no mention of Brandon's health on the episode that aired Friday night or during the live broadcast the same night - however, doctors were reportedly called after the Brit complained of heart issues.

"He immediately saw the medics that were on standby at the house," the source told the Daily Star.

"But there were concerns his condition could worsen and could even become critical so it was decided he needed to go to hospital."

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